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Sloan and The First Gentlemen play a mix of Hard Rock, Grunge, Heavy Metal, Prog, Folk, Singer/Songwriter and more! We avoid being tied into any single genre and aspire to be able to explore all types of music to have our own unique sound that defines us. Our debut release, Axiom, is a concept album that tells the story of an individual living hundreds of years ago tasked with finding ‘The Gift’ an artefact said to prove the existence of god. The story is told through twelve songs, each representing one of the twelve steps of the hero's journey: a universal narrative structure found in novels and films, applied here to an album of music. Axiom's story touches on themes of faith, isolation, destiny, adventure, perseverance, misinformation, dread, denial and death in an hour long telling of a quest through a variety of flavours across multiple genres. Axiom was made possible by a small independent team with varying disabilities, requiring the development of accessible practices and home recording techniques. This album contains over a years' worth of planning, passion and hard work, all of which has culminated in a project that we hope conveys a message of optimism in these trying times.

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Sloan and The First Gentlemen was born from an album project created by Singer/Guitarist Ross Sloan, originally starting out as a final project for his Masters in music. The project was, in a big way, a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The first lockdown occurred just as Ross began to lay the foundations for his project which went through a near complete overhaul. Ross dealt with the situation by learning how to produce music from home - this lead to Axiom, the band's upcoming release. To help create the twelve track album, Ross enlisted the help of friend and bassist Cameron "Smithy" Smith, who gladly recorded the low end on Axiom. Smithy would also serve to assist with parts of the writing process as well as tempering Ross’ creative spirit by providing feedback. In order to hone his music production skills Ross consulted Paul Warner, and his son Steven Warner, to give feedback on production. We owe Paul heavily for mastering the album. After Axiom was mastered Ross and Smithy set out to round off the triumvirate by finding a drummer. Following months of auditions we finally found the multi-talented Sam King. Now a band, we are ready to embark on promoting and releasing our debut album - Axiom!


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Right now Sloan and The First Gentlemen are looking to promote the release of Axiom with music and lyric videos (hopefully live shows too once quarantine measures are relaxed!). We are also fine tuning a plethora of original material planned to arrive in the coming year. Check out our social media channels to keep up to date with what we are up to and any future projects we undertake. There is a lot more coming from us in the future so stay tuned!